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Stack #176393

Glencoe 7th grade Geography Chapter 4

joined together inside a common boundry contiguous
cities and their suburbs that form an almost continuous line of settlement megalopolis
second-longest mountain range in North America Appalachian Mountains
formed by skeletons of small sea animals coral reefs
coal, oil, and natural gas fossil fuels
areas where trash companies dump the waste they collect landfills
taking down trade barriers such as tariffs or quotas so that goods flow freely among countries free trade
reusing materials instead of throwing htem out recycling
rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants acid rain
rivers that are wide and deep enough to allow the passage of ships navigable
a business that provides services to people instead of producing goods service industry
individual people have the right to run businesses to make a profit with limited interference from the government free enterprise system
overseas settlements tied to a parent country colonies
form of government in which the people rule democracy
government divided between national and state powers with a president who leads the national government federal republic
a group of people who share a culture, language, or history ethnic group
countryside areas rural
city dwellers urban
smaller communities surrounding a larger city suburbs
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