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Summer of the Swans

How did Sara feel about this summer? It was the worst summer of her life
How did Sara feel about Charlie not being able to talk? Sara loved Charlie even if he could not talk.
How does Sara feel about being smart? That is was not the most important thing to her.
What was Charlie's behavior? It was not typical of a ten year old child.
When Charlie hears a cat in the bushes, what does he think it is? the swans looking for him
How does Charlie show Sara that the swans have touched him? by squeezing Sara's hand
What has happened to Sara's opinions of Aunt Willie, Charlie, and Wanda? her opinions have changed
Why is Charlie so fond of his watch? because its sound comforts him
What is Sara's father like? He is quiet and unhappy.
What did Aunt Willie want to do as soon as soon as Charlie was lost? call the police
What did Sara do to Gretchen Wyant's dress when Gretchen made fun of Charlie? sprayed her dress with a water hose
Were there wolves in the forest when Charlie was lost? there were not any wolves
How did Charlie react when his watch stopped? He was afraid and cried.
At first who did Sara think stole Charlie's watch? Joe Melby
What did Mary do that proven she was not a true friend when she and Sara were looking for Charlie? She left Sara before they found Charlie because she wanted to go to a party.
What had happened to Sara's mother? She had died.
What did Joe Melby do about a date with someone? He asked Sara to go on a date with him.
What did Joe do when they found Charlie? He tried to make Charlie feel safe.
What did Joe do when he and Sara were climbing the mountain? He kept encouraging Sara to keep climbing and telling her that she could make it up the mountain.
What does Charlie do when Sara and Joe find him? He holds her and does not want to let go.