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The Watsons Ch 9-15

Test review for The Watsons Ch. 9-15

who wanted to go to Collier's landing? Kenny
Who thinks Byron needs to grow up the most? Momma
Who has lost the "urge to hunt" just like his owner? Mr. Robert's dog
Who is worried that the family hasn't been taught proper Southern hospitality? Grandma Sands
Who makes Momma angry by disregarding her budget and plan? Dad
Who is so upset to hear about Grandma Sands' "dearest friend" for the first time in 10 years? Momma
Who is always threatening to tell on the boys? Joey
What was the danger at Collier's Landing? a whirlpool/the Wool Pooh
Who told Joey that the Wool Pooh was Winnie the Pooh's evil twin brother? Byron
At the end of the novel, what does Byron give Kenny permission to do? cry
Why does Kenny feel ashamed? he didn't try to save Joey
What secret does Kenny keep from everyone except Byron? he went to the church after the bombing
What kind of character is Byron? dynamic
In the beginning, Byron was ___________, and at the end he became ____________. juvenile deliquent mature
Name the speaker: "Since I won't be seeing you for awhile, I thought I'd give you something so you wouldn't forget about me, Sweetheart." Mrs. Davidson
Name the speaker: "Lona, what you teach these babies up North? Don't they know how to give no one a proper hug?" Grandma Sands
Name the speaker: "Oh yeah, that dog won't hunt no more. He's just like me, lost the desire." Mr. Robert
Name the speaker: "Man, I couldn't live with your ol' man, we'd be comin' to blows daily, Jack!" Buphead
Name the speaker: "I just don't understand what's going on here. How come I never knew him [Mr. Robert]" Momma
Name the speaker: "Byron is getting old enough to have to understand that his time for playing is running out fast, he's got to realize the world doesn't have a lot of jokes waiting for him" Dad
an object that represents an abstract idea symbol
Who had been hiding behind the couch since the family returned from Birmingham? Kenny
What does Dad describe as a "sonic boom" a bomb going off at Joey's church
After the bombing, who are Momma and Dad least worried about? Joey
STEAL is used to find what type of characterization? indirect
What does the Wool Pooh symbolize? Death (Grim Reaper)
Name the speaker: "But, Wilona, you got to admit that once you figured out how much money we'd save by not stopping you went along with it." Dad
Name the speaker: "Oh, man! Collier's Landing. Let's go!" Kenny
Name the speaker: "Kenneth Bernard Watson, you better tell me what's going on or I'm really gonna tell! I'm not playing with you!" Joetta
Name the speaker: "There ain't no such thing as a Wool Pooh, and there ain't no such thing as magic powers, neither." Byron
the mood of the novel goes from ???? to ???? humorous.....serious
Kenny imagines that Grandma Sands and Byron will fight like.... Bobo Brazil and the Sheik
What detail about Grandma Sands is a clue that she can be mean? her "wicked" laugh
Why doesn't Momma like Mr. Robert? She doesn't know about him/She is afraid that he is replacing her father
What catches Kenny's eye at the church? a shiny black shoe like Joey's
Name some ways Momma acts when Grandma Sands talks to her about Mr. Robert. 1. childish 2. asks a lot of questions 3. becomes sweaty and nervous
How does Byron react after he saves Kenny in Collier's Landing? he cries and kisses Kenny's head
What is missing from the scene of the bombing? police and rescue personnel
Which characters are dynamic characters? Byron and Kenny
Which characters are static characters? Momma, Dad, Joey, Grandma Sands, Mr. Robert, Larry Dunn, Rufus and Kenny
Why are the Watsons least worried about Joey after the bombing? she doesn't know it happened because she went back to Grandma Sands house
What is By's reasoning for the men bombing the church? they are filled with hate
What strange thing is Kenny doing now that the family is back in Flint? hiding behind the couch
What is so special about the World Famous Watson Pet Hospital? pets are cured by magical things like wizards, angels, and fairies
Which pet is cured the best at the World Famous Watson Pet Hospital? dogs
Where can Kenny see the magic? in his own family
a comparison using like or as: "Birmingham was hot like an oven." simile
a direct comparison: "I knew this was a worm with a hook on it, but I bit anyway" metaphor
an extreme exaggeration: "I think I cried for about 200 hours" hyperbole
words that make a sound: "the sound of me vomiting my guts out and the whisshh sound from the Wool Pooh" onomatopoeia
Created by: lwoeller



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