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Ecce Romani 7 Kings

Ecce Romani Chapter 14 Kings Vocabulary Cards

Romulus Founder of Rome,seized Sabine young women,became a god
Numa Pompilius Devoted attention to legal and religious institutions
Tullus Hostilius Military attention,Horatii and Curatii,Alba Longa
Ancus Marcius Construction projects,Pons Sublicius,Ostia seaport
Tarquinius Priscus Etruscan gained throne by defraud,wife-Tanaquil
Servius Tullius Organized Roman society,1st census,classes,7 hills
Tarquinius Superbus Husband of Tullia,cloaca maxima,military
Lucretia Raped by Tarquinius Superbus' son,killed herself,her husband,Tarquinius Collatinus,and Lucius Junius Brutus ousted Tarquinius Superbus and family and thus began the Republic
Created by: 18barkea