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Iota Vocabs


Analogous Similar; comparable
Deportment behavior
Fanatical extreme enthusiasm, interest, zeal, etc.
Guile craftiness and cunning in dealing with others
To be Guileless to have none of that craftiness
Ingenuous Simple; innocent
Invective abusive terms, curses, insults, and/or cuss words
Obstreperous noisy and unruly
Lineaments Distinctive features or characteristics
Uncompromising unchanging; firm; set
Conspicious to attract attention
Inconspicious to not attract attention
Rudiments principles; elements; subjects to be learned
Apoplectic to behave as if on the verge of having a stroke
Apoplexy sudden paralysis; a stroke
Palliation to palliate is to lessen the pain, or, in this case, fear and anxiety, of something without actually making the fear and anxiety go away.
Passe' old-fashioned
Viscous sticky
Austere stern and severe
Contentious always ready to argue
Ecclesiastical impedimenta items used during a church service
Myopic cannot see objects clearly
Myopia abnormal eye condition
Obliquely Indirectly
Acquiescence agreement without protest
Venerable impressive on account of age or historic associations
Elucidate explain
fey strange; eccentric
Sundry various
Acrimonious Sarcastic; bitter; nasty
Complacently in a self-satisfied way
Dictum official pronouncement
Genially in a friendly matter
Quelling quieting; calming
Tenet a principle or belief generally held to be true
Mollified soothed; calmed
Perpetual everlasting; continuous
Tedious Boring; tiresome
Expunge remove completely
Impudent Disrespectful; bold; sassy
Volition own will
to corroborate to strengthen or support
Corroborative evidence evidence that makes a case stronger
Cynical to believe that people are only motivated in what they do out of selfishness
Minute exact; precise
Temerity foolish or rash boldness
Unmitigated out-and-out absolute
acquit clear of a charge; find not guilty
Charged the jury giving instructions in law before they go off to deliberate
Indignant angry
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