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vocab unit 6

ASTUTE shrew, keen in judgment
BRUSQUE gruff, blunt, abrupt
COMPLACENT easily satisfied, not striving for improvement or change
DISCONSOLATE hopelessly sad, cheerless
ERUDITE scholarly, deeply learned
FORTUITOUS accidental, occurring by chance
FRACTIOUS quarrelsome, irritable, unruly or undisciplined
INANE shallow, silly, empty, insubstantial
INCESSANT never ending, continuing or flowing without interruption
IRASCIBLE easily angered or provoked, irritable
PALATABLE agreeable to the taste, appetizing, tasty, savory
PONDEROUS so large as to be clumsy, massive, dull
RELEVANT pertinent, germane, applicable
SINUOUS bending in and out, winding
SPORADIC occasional, infrequent, occurring in scattered, single incidences
TENACIOUS persistent, stubborn, not letting go
TRUCULENT savage, fierce, pugnacious, aggressively self- assertive
UNCTUOUS oily, insincere
URBANE poised, suave, refined, sophisticated
VERDANT green with growing plants, unripe, (occasionally inexperienced)
VIABLE capable of living, workable
VITRIOLIC caustic, full of bitterness
VULNERABLE open to attack, capable of being wounded, susceptible
WAN sickly, pallid, dim, faint, languid
ZANY foolish, crazy
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