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Seaman Evolution

Why can insects adapt quickly to insecticides? their generation time is very short (they reproduce quickly)
What evidence was not available to Darwin when discussing natural selection? that differences in genes create the variation
What is evolution? process where a population changes slowly over time
How would farmer get plants to grow better in certain climates? selective breeding
What is a trait? a characteristic passed on from parent to offspring
What to scientists do to prove that all species have a common ancestor? compare their DNA
What is it called when a species adapts to environment and survives and reproduces more successfully than those that do not adapt? natural selection
What is adaptation? a species change in behavior or appearance in response to their enviornment
What is a fossil? trace of remains of an organism usually found in sedimentary rock
Only a few of a spiders hundreds of eggs survive--what is this an example of? overproduction
What feature did whales possible inherit from their 4-legged ancestor? hip bones
What helps limit a species? competition, disease, starvation, and predation
What usually is the first step in speciation? a part of a species is separated physically or geographically
What is selection? process in which genes make organisms more likely to survive and reproduce
What are examples of natural selection? elephants passing the tuskless trait, insects being resistant to pesticides, male birds getting very colorful feathers
vocab: fossil record a timeline of life
vocab: speciation process of separation, adaptation, and division
vocab: population groups of same species living in same place
vocab: species group of organisms that can mate and to reproduce fertile offspring
vocab: natural selection processes which include the struggles to survive and successful reproduction
vocab: Darwin a naturalist who stated that evolution happens through natural selection
Created by: ellist