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7 Sci Test 4 Ch 5

7 Science Test 4 Ch

Aristotle conisdered the most important authority on science during the Middle Ages
Bible foundation of modern science
chemical evolution new "scientific" spontaneous generation
creation belief that the universe is the result of a supernatural act of God
Cuvier fofunded comparative anatomy
Darwin author of Origin of Species and Descent of Man
embryonic recapitulation idea that, at various stages during their development, embryos resemble the adult forms of their evolutionary ancestors
evolution rock pocket nice are NOT an example of _____________ because no new types of organisms were formed
gradulatism belief that evolution occurs slowly
Harvey discovered blood circulation
homology basic similarity of structure between two different living things
horse supposed ancestors of this animal are Equus and Hyracotherium
intelligent information must have an _____________ cause
kinds term that refers to originally created types of organisms
law of biogenesis scientific concept that states living things can originate only from existing living thigns
Lyell wrote Principles of Geology
materialism belief that everything is material
mutation sudden, permanent, random change in an organism's DNA
natural selection Darwin proposed the idea that evolution occurs through this _____________ _____________.
nature God's general revelation
orchard view view of life consistent with both the Bible and observations
organisms Mutations cannot cause evolution because they do produce news kinds of _________________.
Paley wrote Natural Theology
Pasteur used broth and flasks to disprove spontaneous generation
Protestant Reformation birth of modern science
punctuated equilibrium idea that says evolution occurs in rapid bursts separated by long periods of time
reasoning God founders of modern science believed that true faith is a reasonable belief in a ______________ _____.
speciation formation of new organisms within a "kind"
specified complexity idea that information must have meaning and cannot occur by chance
spontaneous generation old Greek idea that says that living things come from nonliving things
technology science put to practical use
transitional form an intermediate organism linking types of living things
uniformitarianism materialistic idea that says the present is the key to the past
Vesalius Father of Anatomy
vestigial organs "useless" organs supposedly left over from earlier stages of evolutionary development
worldview term used to refer to a person's outlook about life and the world
yolk sacs three features of human embryos that supposedly provide evidence for evolution, but actually provide evidence for creation are pharyngeal arches, tails and ________ ______.
Created by: Mrs_CC