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Science Vocab

Week 4 and 5

biome A major ecological community such as grassland, tropical rain forest, or desert.
desert A major ecological community defined by hot, arid conditions and extremely low rainfall.
tropical rain forest An ecological community that is defined by year-round warmth and significant rainfall.
tundra An ecological community that is defined by stark, treeless land, and very cold temperatures
temperate forest An ecological community that is defined by five different zones, four distinct seasons, and a mixed climate with mixed precipitation.
grassland A major ecological community characterized by extensive areas of grass, flowers, and herbs and an erratic precipitation that is enough to support such vegetation, but very few trees.
aquatic biome that includes marine and freshwater regions, including oceans, lakes, and ponds.
taiga An ecological community that is characterized by cold weather, coniferous trees, and few food sources in the winter.
coniferous A type of tree with cones, as well as leaves that do not fall off.
permafrost subsoil that is permanently frozen due to constantly cold temperatures.
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