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God's Great Universe

Astronomy the study of stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies
Astronomers scientists who study outer space, and try to understand space
atmosphere the earth where we are surrounded by the layers of air
vacuum an area containing no air or any other matter
friction the force that resists motion
galaxy a star systems containing from millions of stars billions of stars
Milky Way a barred spiral galaxy which we live in
Local group a cluster of about 40 different galaxies
Andromeda galaxy the most distant object can be seen with the naked eye
Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, Large Magellanic cloud, small Magellanic cloud three closest galaxies closest to ours
Spiral galaxies looks like a giant pinwheels spinning through the void of space
barred galaxies the spiral arms are attached to a straight bar that runs through the center of the galaxy
elliptical galaxies when viewed from the side it looks like a egg or a football
irregular galaxies composed of stars clumped together in no definite shape
nebula large clouds of gas and dust floating in space
constellation stars outlining such an imaginary picture
Created by: ryleerule