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Clinical Research

Clinical Research Quiz 3 pt 4

Abstract a brief description of the problem, methods, and findings of the study, written so the readers can decide whether to read the entire report
Acknowledgments People who helped with the research but whose contribution does not qualify them for authorship
Call for abstracts a notice sent out by a professional conference committee 6-9 mos before mtg date; indicates topics of interest, submission requirements, & deadlines for submitting a proposed paper or poster
Blind review an independent anonymous review of one's manuscript done by two or more experts in the field; reviewers do not know the identity of the author and others do not know the identity of the reviewers
Discussion section
Dissertation lengthy, formal document that argues in defense of a particular thesis
ejournal peer reviewed electronic journals that are exclusively in online format
Figure graphic representations of summarized results; used as a method for displaying information more dramatically on some phenomenon overtime for portraying conceptual or empirical models
Impact factor a measure of citation frequency for an average article in a journal
Journal article a report appearing in a professional journal
Key words important terms used to search for references on a topic in a bibliographic database, and used by authors to enhance the likelihood that their report will be found
Lead author usually the first name author who has the overall responsibility for the report of a research study
Manuscript the rough copy of the full research report created for the intention of review prior to publication
Methods the steps procedures and strategies for gathering and analyzing data in a study
Peer review the review and critique of a research report or proposal of another researcher
Poster session session at a professional conference in which several researchers simultaneously present visual displays summarizing their studies, while conference attendees circulate around the room cruising displays
Refereed journal journals that have a policy of blind reviews; this in general makes a journal more prestigious the non referred journals
References provide (a book or article) with citations of authorities
Academic Research Enhancement Awards (AREA) Awards designed to stimulate research in institutions that provide baccalaureate training for many individuals who go on to do health related research
Contracts is federal disbursement award given for studies desired by the government
Direct costs specific project related costs such as STAFF and SUPPLIES
Exploratory/Developmental Grant Award (R21) intended to encourage new, exploratory, & developmental research projects by providing support for early stages of research
Grants a federal disbursement award given for studies conceived by researchers themselves
Grantsmanship the set of skills involved in securing research funding
Indirect costs institutional overhead costs
Modular Budget paid in modules of $25,000 or less per year of direct costs
Priority score during the NIH review procedure the study section assigned the scores only to applications judged to be in the top half of proposals based on a preliminary approval by assigned peer reviewers
Program announcement announcement issued by the National Institutes of Health that describes new, continuing, or expanded program interests
Request for applications (RFA) grant mechanism allowing federal agencies to identify a specific topic area in which they're interested in receiving proposals for
Request for proposals (RFP) a solicitation made often through a bidding process, by an agency or company interested in procurement of a commodity, service or valuable asset, to potential suppliers to submit business proposals
Research Project Grant (R01) the primary funding mechanism for independent research; objective is to support specific research projects in areas reflecting the interests & competencies of a principal investigator
Research proposal document communicating is research problem, its significant, purpose, procedures for solving the problem, & when funding is sought, how much study will cost
Small Grant Program (R03) funding provided to support pilot, visibility, & methodology development studies
Study section a panel of peer reviewers who evaluate NIH applications for their scientific merit
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