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7th Science Part 4

A healthy life- A Beka Book-Diseases- Effie Subardoe-Science Order and Design

Bacteria Cause diseases
Viruses The tiniest pathogens
Infectious diseases Usually can be spread from person to person; caused by pathogens
Noninfectious diseases Not caused by pathogens; do not spread from person to person
Congenital diseases Diseases that a person is born with
Most infectious diseases can spread through ________ _______ and _______ or ____________ _____ or _____. Infected people, animals, contaminated food, water
Vectors Infected animals
Common cold Not normally severe, but can lead to serious conditions; and infectious diseases
AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome; caused by HIV
HIV Human immunodeficiency virus; causes AIDS
The best way to avoid getting AIDS is to obey ___'_ ________. God's commands
Allergies The most common disease that affects the immune system
Allergens Substances that the body reacts to
Cardiovascular disease The leading cause of death in the U.S.; a disease that affects the heat or blood vessels
Heart attack Occurs when the coronary arteries supplying the heart become blocked
One out of every five adults die from ______ _________. Heart attacks
Atherosclerosis A buildup of fatty deposits in any of the body's arteries that eventually prevents the flow of blood
Coronary artery disease Atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries
Arrhythmia Occurs when the heart beats abnormally
Most heart problems can be prevented by ______ ________, ___________, and __________ from _______ and ________. Eating correctly, exercising , abstaining, tobacco, alchohol
Created by: nelsonclan