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Lesson 2 vocabulary

Identify the vocabulary word with its definition

audible able to be heard, loud enough to hear
audience the people who hear a speech or performance
audition definition as a noun tryout for a role
audition definition as a verb to perform a part to try out for a role
auditorium a large room or hall where people gather to hear speakers or view performances
inaudible not able to be heard, too soft or faint to hear, or unheard
megaphone a cone-shaped horn used to make a voice louder
phonics the study of the sounds of the letters of the alphabet
saxophone a curved wind musical instrument
stereophonic an electronic system that blends sound - and is used usually with speakers in a movie theater, etc.
symphony a long piece of music usually played by an orchestra
solarium a place that allows the sun to shine through
aquarium a place where their is water and fish
emporium a place that is a specialty store
auditorium a place where an audience hears a speaker or performance
terrarium a place where there is dirt or earth
planetarium a place that allows you to see the planets and stars
Created by: dsweredoski