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羡慕 xiàn mù to admire
身体/身體 shēn tǐ body
自由自在 zì yóu zì zài free and unrestrained
大脑/大腦 dà nǎo brain
辛苦 xīn kǔ hard; toilsome; painstaking
心脏/心臟 xīn zàng heart
跳动/跳動 tiào dòng to pulsate;to move up and down
而且 ér qiě and; moreover
血液 xiě yè (yì)blood
流动/流動 liú dòng 1.fluid; mobile; floating; running flow; to run; to circulate
厉害/厲害 lì hài 1.good at something 2.fierce; violent
事情 shì qíng a matter; an event
记牢/記牢 jì láo to remember very well
牵牢/牽牢 qiān láo to hold something very well
困难/困難 kùn nán difficulties;hard
克服 kè fú to overcome; to get over
难不倒/難不倒 nán bù dǎo can not be beaten
文件 wén jiàn document
液体/液體 yè (yì) tǐ liquid
倒楣 dǎo méi to be out of luck
爱慕/愛慕 ài mù adore; to admire 2. adoration; affection
意义/意義 yì yì a meaning; significance
利用 lì yòng to employ; to use; to utilize
便利 biàn lì convenient; handy; easy
作弄 zuò nòng to tease; to make a fool of
撞倒 zhuàng dǎo to knock down
撞车/撞車 zhuàng chē a traffic collision; a smashup
脑袋/腦袋 nǎo dài [Informal] the head; a brain
牢固 láo gù firm; solid; secure; strong; stout
Created by: yochen860
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