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Segmental Organization of the Spinal Cord Relationship to Somatic Dysfunction

How many cervical segments? 8
How many thoracic segments? 12
How many lumbar segments? 5
How many sacral segments? 5
Dermatomes represent? skin
Sclerotome represents? connective tissue
Myotome represents? skeletal muscle
What is the order of the reflex arc? Muscle spindle Spinal nerve dorsal root ganglion dorsal horn ventral horn ventral root spinal nerve muscle fiber
Sympathetic control of head and neck is from? T1-T4
Sympathetic control of stomach, liver and gall bladder is from? T5-T9
Sympathetic control of kidney, ureters and bladder is from? T10-T11
IML Intermediolateral Horn
Sympathetic control of colon and rectum? T8-L2
What is smypathteic control of the cardiovascular? T1-T5
What is sympathetic control of the respiratory? T2-T7
What is sympathteic control of small intestine? T9-T11
What is IML consist of? White rami communicans and sympathtetic chain
What is the visceral innervation? splanchnic nerves
Somatic innervation is from? Grey rami communicans and Spinal nerves
What is sympathtic innervation of the uterus? T10-T11
What is sympathetic innervation of the prostrate? L1-L2
Is there overlap of dermatome, mytomes and sclermotomes? yes
What is the order of reflex to somatic dysfunction? Afferent Drive -> Facilitated Spinal Cord Segments -> Abnormal Reflexes -> Somatic Dysfunction
What happens in disease with the input into spinal cord? It increases. There is more input.
What is the role of interneurons in spinal reflexes? Somatic and visceral afferents send information to the interneurons and then send information to the somatic and visceral efferents.
What are the 4 reflexes? Somato-somatic reflex Somato-visceral reflex Viscero-visceral reflex Viscero-somatic reflex
Somato-somatic reflex somatic info comes in and somatic info leaves normal
Viscero-visceral reflex Visceral info comes in and visceral info goes out. (normal)
Viscero-somatic reflex visceral info comes in but somatic reflex goes out.
What is an example of viscero-somatic reflex? Referred pain
Somato-visceral reflex somatic info goes in and visceral into goes out. somatic input affects a visceral organ
Viscero-somatic reflex effects on somatic tissues skin skeletal muscle tissue texture changes motion changes temperature changes
Created by: tjamrose