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ch4 earths resources

apprentice hall earth science

what is reneable energy? a renewable energy can be replentished over fairly short period of time.
what is nonrenewable energy? a energy source that takes millions of years to replentish
what is a fossil fuel? a fossil fuel inclueds coal, oil, and natural gas
what is ore? a collection of minerals that are concentrated
what is hydroelectric power? energy that is collected through natural movements and tides of large waves
what is geothermal power? haedness by tapping natural underground reservoirs of streams and hot water
what is point source pollution? a pollution that comes from a known and specififc location
what is nonpoint source pollution? a pollution thaty cannot be traces back to a specific region
what is runoff water? the water that flows over land rather than seeping into the ground, often carrys nonpoint source pollution
what is conservation? is the careful use of recources
what is compost? is partly decomposed organic materiel that is used as fertalizer
what is recycling? the collection and processing of used items so they can be made into new products
what is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources? Renewable is made over a short span of time and nonrenewable is made in to long of a time span to use forever.
How are nonmetallic mineral resources used? Nonmetallic mineral resources are extracted and proccesed either for the nonmetallic minerals that contain or for their physical and chemical properties.
What is the advantage of using solar energy? Solar energy has two advantages: the "fuel" is free, and it's non-polluting.
How do nuclear power plants use nuclear fission to produce energy? In nuclear fission, the nuclei of heavy atoms such as uranium nuclei then split into smaller nuclei and emit neutrons and heat energy.
Why is fresh water a vital resource? Each day, people use fresh water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and growing food.
What are Earth's inportant land resources? Earth's land provides soil and forests, as well as mineral and energy resources.
When were the first laws passed to deal with water pollution? In 1970, Congress passed the Clean Air Act, the nations most important air pollution law.
What is involed in protecting land resources? Protecting land resources involes preventing pollution and managing land resources wisely.
Created by: john.grieshaber
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