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Ch4 Earth's Resource

Prentice Hall Earth Science

Renewable Resource Can be replenished over a fairly short time such as months, years, or decades.
Nonrenewable Resource Take millions of years to form.
Fossil Fuels Include coal,oil and natural gas.
Ore Is a useful metallic material that can be used for profit.
Hydroelectric Power The water held in a reservior behind a dam is a form of stored energy that can be released through the dam to produce electric power
Geothermal Energy Hot water used directly for heating and for turbines to produce electirc power
Point Source Pollution Is a pollution that comes from a known or specific location
Nonpoint Source Pollution Is a pollution that does not have a specific point of origin
Runoff Water that flows over land and often carries nonpoint soure pollution
Global Warming The increase of carbon and the natural warming of the atmoshpere
How is the energy stored from wind turbines? The energy can be stored in batteries or can work through a system and turn it into gas.
What are the main risks of mining? Tunnel collapse, subsidence, harmful consentrations of toxic compounds into the air or water.
What types of mining are there? There is open pit mining, uderground mining, ISL mining and, Brine mining.
What type of mining is best for the enviornment? ISL is best for the enviornment because it lets out less pollution.
Pollution The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects.
What are the advantages and draw backs of wind energy? The advantages of wind energy is free fuel, but a draw back would be harming nature and it is very expensive.
Conservation The careful use of resources
Compost Is partially decomposed organic material used as fertilizer
Recycling Is the collecting and processing of items so they can be reused.
What is antipollution? Designed to prevent or reduce environmental pollution.
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