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ch4 earths resources

prentice hall earth science

What is a renewable resource can be replenished over a short period of time
what is a nonrenewable resource takes millions of years to be replenished
what are fossil fuels any hydrocarbon that may be used as a source of energy
what are the three types of fossil fuels coal, oil, and natural gas
what is solar energy energy collected from the sun
what is nuclear energy energy that comes from radioactive materials that release energy through nuclear fission
what is wind energy energy that is collected from the wind
what is hydroelectric power the power that falling water generates
what is geothermal energy energy harnessed by tapping natural underground reservoirs of steam and hot water
what is tidal power power from construction a dam across a bay
`what is point source pollution pollution from a specific source
what is nonpoint source pollution pollution from a unknown source
what is the Clean Water Act a law passed in the 1970's to prevent or decrease pollution
what is the Clean Air Act a law passed in the 1970's; the most important air pollution law
what is runoff the water that flows over the land rather than seeping into the ground and carries pollution
what are tar sands mixtures of clay and sand combined with water and varying amounts of bitumen
what is oil shale a rock that contains a mixture of hydrocarbons called kerogen
what is conservation the careful use of resources
what is the risks of mining tears up Earths surface and destroys vegetation
what do the most important mineral deposits form from igneous processes and from hydrothermal solutions
Created by: odis cozzens
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