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Part 3; Science 7th

Exercise and cleanliness-Science order and Reality-Effie Supartoe-A healthy life

Anaerobic exercise Exercise that usually requires strength and speed but does not maintain a raised heart rate
Aerobic exercise Helps your body more than anaerobic exercise does by strengthening your heart and lungs by burning excess body fat
Training heart rate Your target heart rate
Hypertrophy The enlargement of muscles
Atrophy The shrinking of muscles
Do not force your muscles __________ what they are able to do. Beyond
Most people in their teen years need how much sleep? 8-10 hours
Without daily bathing what will happen? Bacteria will grow one the body and prevent healthy skin
Ultraviolet radiations Energy from the sun's rays
Melanoma Cancer of the cells that produce melanin
SPF Sun protection factor
Sebaceous glands Oil glands
Sebum An oily substance
Dermatologst Skin Doctor :0
Pimples White black mound that come from clogged and infected sebaceous glands
Acne The condition in which many sebaceous glands become infected
A person should wash his hands _____________. Frequently
Fingernails should be kept ______ and ___________. Neat, trimmed
Cuticles The layer of dead skin at the base of your nails
Hangnails Splits in the cuticle
Ingrown toenails One side of the nail grown into the skin
Dental caries Cavities
Plaque Thin, sticky film formed by the bacteria in your mouth
Hair follicles Tubes that lie in the dermis and manufacture hair
Keratin A protein that fills your epidermal cells and give nails their strength and hardness
Your hair should be kept ________ and free of _____ by regular shampooing clean, oil
Created by: nelsonclan