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SC Band Terms 2015

South Carolina Clinic All-State Band Terms 2015

a poco a little; gradually
a tempo in time; generally implies a return to the original rate of speed
accelerando gradually faster
adagietto slow, but not as slow as adagio
adagio very slow
agitato agitated; rapid
al fine to the finish
alla in the style of
allargando gradually slower and broader
allegretto light and moderately quick, but not as fast as allegro
andante moderately slow, but moving
andantino generally a little quicker than andante
animato animated; spirited
appassionato intensely; passionately; with deep feeling
brilliante brilliantly
cantabile in a singing style
chromatic by semi-tones
coda the final added measures of a musical composition
con anima with animation; spirit
con brio with spirit; brilliantly
con forza with force
con grazia with grace
con spirito with spirit; brilliance
crescendo gradually louder
da capo from the beginning
dal segno from the sign
decresendo gradually softer
diminuendo gradually softer
dolce sweetly
energico energetically
etude a study
fermata a hold or pause
forte loud
fortissimo very loud
furioso furiously
grandioso grand or noble style
grave very slow or solemn
grazioso gracefully
l'istesso the same
larghetto slow, but not as slow as largo
largo very slow
legato smooth and connected
lento very slow
maestoso majestically
marcato marked; with emphasis
marziale martial
meno less
mezzo medium; half
moderato moderately
molto very
mosso motion; movement
non troppo not too much
pianissimo very softly
piano softly
poco a little
poco a poco little by little
prestissimo very fast; more so than presto
presto very fast
rallentando gradually slower
ritardando gradually slower
ritenuto a steady pace, but slower than the preceding tempo
rubato temporary irregularity of time, lengthening some notes at the expense of others
segno the sign
sempre always; continually
sforzando forced; with emphasis
simile the same
soli more than one performer in unison
solo a composition or passage for one performer.
sostenuto sustained
staccato separated, detached style
subito suddenly
tacet silent
tempo time; speed
tenuto sustain full value
vivace vivacious; lively
allegro rapid; lively
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