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Canada Physical Geo

Physical Geography of Canada

Canadian Shield Rugged regions around Hudson Bay where minerals are located. Overmining or mineral extraction is occurring here.
Great Lakes The Five Lakes shared by the US and Canada. It is a major trade route. Acid Rain is a concern here.
Hudson Bay Large waterway in Canada that was named after a British explorer
Rocky Mountains Mountain range located in western Canada and shared by the US
Interior Plains The plains region in central Canada where most of Canada's agriculture takes place located in the prairie provinces
Pacific Ocean Ocean to the west of Canada
Arctic Ocean Ocean to the north of Canada
Atlantic Ocean Ocean to the east of Canada
St. Lawrence River River that connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
Province A politcal division in Canada that is similar to a state
St. Lawrence Seaway A series of locks and canals that link the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River together.
Quebec The French-speaking province in Canada that practices the Catholic faith and some citizens want independence from the rest of Canada
United Kingdom The European country that colonized and eventually took over Canada. It is the reason why many of Canada's people speak English, are Protestant (Christian), and a parliamentary democracy.
Nunavut The province given to the native Inuit people by the government of Canada.
Acid Rain The environmental concern shared by Germany's Black Forest and Canada's Great Lakes region.
Deforestation The environmental issue in Canada's boreal forests.
French and English The two main languages of Canada
Ottawa capital of Canada
British Colombia Province that is located on the Pacific Ocean
Ontario Province where the national capital is located
Prince Edward Island Smallest Province of Canada
Mixed Type of economic system in Canada
Parliamentary Democracy Type of government in Canada
US border in the south Where do most Canadians live in Canada