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Aquarium Trivia

What fish has a black tip? Black Tip Reef Shark
What reptile eats mollusks? Diamond Back Terrapin
What fish has poor eye sight and senses its environment with electrical current? Black Ghost Knife Fish
What creature hangs on to coral? Long Snout Seahorse
What amphibian lays sheets of up to 20,000 eggs? American Bullfrog
What fish has whiskers coming out of its mouth? Lake Sturgeon
What fish has sharp spines on either side of its tail? Spotted Unicorn Fish
What animal sense its environment though the electrical field it emits? Electric Eel
What mammal has golden fur that look like a lion's mane? Golden Lion Tamarin
What mammal can jump out of the water and play with toys? Dolphin
What fish was hiding in the dark? Long Nose Gar
What animal is made up of 95% water and nearly invisible? Jellyfish
What reptile eats algae? Sea Turtle
What animal has a human like face? Clear Nose Skate
What cephalopod has lots of suckers and is pink in color? Octopus
What animal eats fish eggs? Jellyfish
What animal had leopard-like spots? Reticulated Whiptail
What type of fish is orange with white stripes but isn't really funny? Clown Fish
What creature has long whip like structures to protect them? Jellyfish
What crustacean has a blue shell and turn orange when cooked in seasoning? Blue Crab
What cephaolod lives for 4-5 years? Giant Pacific Octopus
What animal uses the restroom right after it eats? Dolphin
What creature is called with a special whistle? Dolphin
What creature crushes food with big jaws? Big-headed Sideneck Turtle
What fish shoots it prey with water to knock it off a stick to eat it? Archer Fish
What fish did Joi like that lives in the Amazon River? Oscar Fish
What fish is blue, yellow and green with a large hump? Humphead Wrasse
What bird is black when a chick but turns into a beautiful red color? Scarlet Ibis
Created by: kpmueller