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Chapter 6

Medical Terminology - Skeletal System

In the term rheumatoid, the root rheumat means: discharge
In the term phosphorus, the root phos means: light
A sutural or _____ bone is found between the flat bones of the skull. wormian
The process of bending a limb is called: flexion
The surgical puncture of a joint for removal of fluid is: arthrocentesis
In the term arthroscope, the suffix -scope means: instrument
A condition that is characterized by the progressive loss of bone density and thinning of bone tissue is called: osteoporosis
A lateral curvature of the spine is known as: scoliosis
The prefix dis- means: apart
In the term cartilage, the root cartil means: gristle
In the term chondrocostal, the root cost means: rib
In the term meniscus, the root menisc means: crescent
In the term cartilage, the suffix -age means: related to
All of the following are classified as long bones except: vertebrae
The membrane that forms the covering of bones except at their articular surfaces is called: endosteum
A disease that involves inflammation of the joints is called: arthritis
What structure is a narrow passageway about as big around as one's thumb and located on the palm side of the wrist? carpal tunnel
The medical word for pertaining to the lower jawbone is: mandibular
The medical word for pertaining to the elbow is olecranal
The medical term for the big toe is: hallux
A ____ fracture occurs at the ankle and affects both bones of the lower leg. Pott's
Inflammation of the bone and joint is: osteoarthritis
The medical term for the heel bone is: calcaneus
The medical term for a fingerprint is: dactylogram
The medical term for knock-knee is: genu valgum
Abnormal anterior curvature of the spine is called: lordosis
The ____ is the shaft of a long bone. diaphysis
An opening in the bone for blood vessels, ligaments, and nerves is called: foramen
Bending a limb is called? Flexion
Lying with the face upward is called? supination
An open fracture is called? compound
A condition of stiffening of a joint is: ankylosis
The bones of the wrist are called: carpals
The process of recording heat patterns of the body's surface is called: thermography
Which substance is increased in gout, arthritis, multiple myeloma, and rheumatism? uric acid
The _____ level in the blood may be increased in osteomalacia and fracture healing. alkaline phosphatase
Which substance(s) are present in a variety of immunologic diseases? Antinuclear antibodies
Swayback is another word for: lordosis
The solid matter in bone is known as: osseous tissue
An articulation refers to a: joint
A rounded process that enters into the formation of a joint is: condyle
Synarthrosis is a type of joint that: does not permit movement
Example of an amphiarthrosis joint is the: vertebrae
The process of moving a body part away from the middle is: abduction
The suffix in flexion means: process
The cervical curve consists of ____ vertebrae. 7
The center for longitudinal bone growth in children is: epiphyseal plate
The daily recommended amount of calcium for age 12 is: 1300 mg
Women build bone until about age: 35
A term used to describe a loss of bone mass is: osteoporosis
The combining form in achondroplasia means: cartilage
The term ankylosis means: condition of stiffening of a joint
The combining form in calcaneal means: heel bone
A term that means humpback is: kyphosis
The suffix in lumbodynia means: pain
The term myelopoiesis means: formation of bone marrow
The term used to describe softening of the bones is: osteomalacia
The combining form in rachigraph means: spine
An abnormal lateral curvature of the spine is: scoliosis
A _____ fracture usually occurs in children. greenstick
Which fracture occurs at the ankle and affects both bone of the lower leg? Pott's
inflammation of a bursa bursitis
pertaining to the loins lumbar
pain in a joint arthralgia
pertaining to beneath the ribs subcostal
surgical excision of a portion of the skull craniectomy
humpback kyphosis
pertaining to between the ribs intercostal
pertaining to the wrist carpal
pertaining to the foot pedal
resembling a sword xiphoid
malignant tumor of the bone osteosarcoma
surgical procedure to correct a fracture reduction
twisting of a joint that causes pain and disability sprain
pertaining to the bones of the fingers and the toes phalangeal
pertaining to the shoulder blade scapular
patell kneecap
inter- between
meta- beyond
peri- around
sub- below
sym- together
arthr joint
burs a pouch
carp wrist
chondr/o cartilage
duct to lead
coccyg/o tailbone
Created by: KWOLF1
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