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What were the 4 colonies in the New England colonies? Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire
Who founded Massachusetts? The Puritans
John Winthrop First governor of Massachusetts
Great Migration Movement of Puritans from England to Massachusetts
Who founded Connecticut? Thomas Hooker
Why was Connecticut founded? It was founded because Hooker thought that the governor and officials in Massachusetts had too much power
Who founded Rhode Island? Roger Williams
Why was Rhode Island founded? It was founded because Williams believed that the Puritan church had too much power
Who got religious freedom in Rhode Island? Protestants, Catholics, and Jews
Why did New England have trouble farming? Because they had rocky soil, which was poor for farming
General Court representatives elected by male church members
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Plan of government that gave the vote to all men who owned property, and limited the governor's power
Religious tolerance Willingness to let others practice their own beliefs
Sabbath Holy day of rest for Puritans
What were the 4 colonies in the Middle Colonies? New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
Who originally owned New York? The Dutch (It was named New Netherlands at the time)
Peter Stuyvesant Governor of New Netherland because of his strict rules
Who did the Dutch give New York to? The English
Why did the Dutch give the English New York? Because they were weaker and did not care about who ruled as long as they made money
Who named New Netherlands to New York? King Charles II
Why was New Netherlands changed to New York? King Charles II named it New York after his brother, the Duke of York
Who founded Pennsylvania? William Penn
What was Pennsylvania known as? It was known as a "Holy Experiment" because of all of the religious freedom there. It was also known as a Melting Pot, because many different cultures blended together
Who owned New Jersey Lord Berkely and Sir Carteret owned it after the Duke of York gave them part of New York
Proprietary colony The king gave land to people in return for a yearly payment
Royal colony A colony under direct rule of the English crown
How was Delaware formed? Delaware was originally part of Pennsylvania's lower counties, but then broke away and left Pennsylvania
Patroons Owners of huge estates
Quakers Most despised religious group that believed everyone was equal, paid for Native American land, and were pacifists
Pennsylvania Dutch German speaking protestants in Pennsylvania
Cash crop Crop sold for money at the market
Why were the Middle Colonies known as the "Breadbasket Colonies"? Because they had a surplus of grain and sold wheat, barley, and rye (cash crops)
What 5 colonies were part of the Southern Colonies? Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia
What was the boundary between the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies? Mason-Dixon Line
Who founded Maryland? Lord Baltimore
Who was Maryland named after? Queen Henrietta Maria
Who founded Georgia? James Oglethorpe
Why was Georgia founded? It was founded to help debtors
Why was Georgia known as a Haven for Debtors? It was known as a Haven for Debtors because it gave debtors a new start and a clean slate
What was the coastal plain known as? The Tidewater region
How did the Tidewater region help farmers? It offered rich farmland
Slave codes Laws that treated enslaved Africans as property
Act of Toleration Provided religious freedom for all Christians in Maryland
Bacon's Rebellion Uprising caused by Nathaniel Bacon where colonists attacked Native American Villages in Virginia
Indigo Plant used to make blue dye
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