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Irregular Verbs (all tenses)

sumus we are
possumus we are able
volo I want
non vis you do not want
eras you were
poteram I was able
volebam I used to want / was wanting / wanted
nolebas you were not wanting / used to not want / did not want
eris you will be
poteris you will be able
voles you will want
nolam I will not want
fuistis y'all have been / were
potuit he/she has been able / was able
volui I wanted / have wanted
nolui I did not want / have not wanted
fueramus we had been
potueras you had been able
volueram I had wanted
nolueram I had not wanted
fuero I will have been
potuero I will have been able
volueris you will have wanted
nolueris you will not have wanted
sunt they are
potestis y'all are able
vis you want
non vult he/she does not want
eratis y'all were
poteras you were able
volebat he/she was wanting / used to want / wanted
nolebat he/she was not wanting / used to not want / did not want
eritis y'all will be
poterimus we will be able
volet he/she will want
nolet he/she will not want
potuit he/she has been able / was able
voluit he/she wanted / has wanted
noluit he/she did not want / has not wanted
fuerant they has been able
potuerat he/she had been able
volueras you had wanted
nolueras you had not wanted
fuerit he/she will have been
potuerit he/she will have been able
voluerit he/she will have wanted
noluerit he/she will have not wanted
fers you carry / bring / bear // are carrying / bringing / bearing
eo I go / am going
ferebam I was carrying / bringing / bearing // used to carry / bring / bear
ibas you were going / used to go
feram I will carry / bring / bear
ibo I will go
tuli I carried / brought / bore // have carried / brought / borne
ii I went / have gone
tuleram I had carried / brought / borne
ieram I had gone
tulero I will have carried / brought / borne
ieris you will have gone
ferimus we carry / bring / bear // are carrying / bringing / bearing
is you go / are going
ferebat he/she was carrying / bringing / bearing // used to carry / bring /bear
ibat he/she was going / used to go
feres you will carry / bring / bear
ibimus we will go
tulisti you carried / brought / bore // have carried / brought / borne
isti you went / have gone
tuleras you had carried / brought / borne
ierat he/she had gone
tuleris you will have carried / brought / borne
ierit he/she will have gone
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