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Flam Pyro Fire

fool's gold, mineral that can stirke fire pyrite
tending to fire up emotions inflammatory
easily set on fire flammable
fear of fire pyrophobia
art of wood-burning,usually done on wood or leather pyrography
pile of wood for burning a dead body pyre
infection marked by redness and heat inflammation
fireworks pyrotechnics
showy, with flame like curves flamboyant
persistent implulse to set fires pyromania
The lighter fluid for the grill is a _________ liquid. flammable
The fireworks display at the opening ceremony of the new Ravenel Bridge was a great ________ display. pyrotechnics
My mom's taking a _______ class at the local art center. pyrography
My friend won't grill out because of his _________. pyrophobia
The doctor said to return to the office if the bug bite showed signs of ____________. inflammation.
My sister makes ____________ statements about her friends that talk about her behind her back. inflammatory
The travelers out west only found ________ in their seach for treasures. pyrite
The natives set up a ______ for the animal sacrifice. pyre
Las Vagas showgirls are dressed with ____________ style. flamboyant
Do not give matches to a ______________. pyromania
Created by: camrent