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300725 - CT6

Multiple choice questions - complete pool of questions used for final exam.

1. The heat gain due to the solar radiation through the windows of a building in the mid latitudes reaches a maximum value for a North exposure at about:- (c) 2 pm June
2. Consider a building with a North glazed facade, the other three walls being blank. This configuration has a smaller cooling load than the same with the glazed facade orientated East or West because:~ (c) The maximum solar gain for this configuration occurs at the same time as the minimum transmission load.
3. Which of the following solar shading methods would be most effective for reducing the solar radiation heat gain through an East facing window? (d) External vertical louvres.
4. Which of the shading devices, listed in question 3, would be most effective for reducing the summertime transmission heat load. (e) Double glazing.
5. The total cooling load on a building n1ay be represented as either Sensible (Sen) and/or Latent (Lat), and either as a heat Gain and/or Loss to the air conditioning system. Which of the following is correct? (e) Outside air
6. If the sun is momentarily obscured by dense cloud, the space temperature in an air conditioned building does not fall immediately because.- (c) heat is liberated from the structure of the building.
7. The space dry bulb temperature is normally set at a lower value in winter than in summer:- (d) Because people tend to wear heavier clothing indoors.
8 The indoor comfort temperature in summer can range from about 22 to 27 C depending on the application. In which of the following buildings would a comfort temp of 27°C probably be acceptable. (c) Supermarket
9. Consider an independent air conditioned restaurant located in a large office building. Five possible reasons for zoning the restaurant separate from the main office a/c are given. Which one is not a good and sufficient. reason? (b) A greater sensible cooling load /m2 is to be expected
10. The depth of a perimeter zone. measured from the outside wall depends on:- (a) The anticipated minimum office size.
11. A large central heating systen1 norn1ally requires extra capacity to provide for start-up after a cold shut-do\vn during winter. The ainount of extra capacity is independent of:- (b) The intensity of lighting and solar load during \\linter.
12. A central cooling syste1n (unlike a heating syste1n) does not. require extra chiller set capacity because:- (b) At the time of peak cooling load the building's structure has norn1ally cooled down
13. The equation Q = 1.21 x V x TD means that:- (c) The voltune of air delivered depends on the sensible heat gain to the space.
14. The air velocity int.he ducts of a 'Low velocity' syste1n lies \vi.thin the range:- (d) 5 to 7 m/s
15. Brickwork ducts normally leak but are satisfactory for:- (e) Exhaust ducts under negative pressure.
16. Rectangular cross-section ducts have a limited 'Aspect Ratio'. Which of the following ducts has a ratio greater than the limit? (d) 400 x 75mm
17. Variable volume terminal units are typicllily installed within the occupied space. When operating in cooling mode these units:- (d) Supply air at a rate dependent on the cooling load
18. Which of the following is required for maximising the operating efficiency of a reverse-cycle heating unit during winter? (c) The winler outdoor temperature must be mild.
19. The occupants of an air conditioned home have greater control over their own comfort than is possible in a commercial office because of several factors. Which of the following factors is not relevant? (e) The sensitivity of the thermostats
20. A variable volume air conditioning system has characteristics different from a constant volume system. Which of the following is not true for a variable volume system:- (d) A relatively large amount of energy is consumed
21. A constant volume air conditioning system has characteristics different from a variable volume system. Which of the following is not true for a constant volume system:- (e) The air noise generated is marginally more disturbing.
22. Air conditioned zones are usually required because of the heat load variations on a building. For a defined zone the variation in sensible heat gain in summer must be:- (b) Uniform over the whole area
23. Winter heating is not mandatory by building code for which of the following buildings? (e) Private home
1. Multiple groups ( e.g.high, medium and low rise) of passenger lifts are normally required in a large building when:- (d) the number of lifts for a single group exceeds 8
2. When comparing the suitability of moving walks and escalators of the same capacity which of the follo\ving is incorrect. A moving walk:- (d) gives a greater restriction to traffic flow when stopped
3. Which of the following statements is incorrect. A comparison of 'bottom drive' and 'top drive' traction lifts would show that a bottorn drive lift:- (e) imposes much less load on the structure.
4. A lift analysis for a proposed building shows that the waiting interval is worse, and the 5 minute handling capacity is better than required. Which of the following changes is suggested:- (d) decrease the lift car size
5. The relationship between 'Round Trip Time' and 'Waiting Interval' depends on:- (b) the number of lifts
6. High speed lifts are particularly suitable when:- (b) more than 8 lifts are required
7. Which of the following is not a relevant factor for estimating the waiting interval for a group of lifts. (d) the type of lift drive
1. Electricity is generated at a frequency of 50 Hz because:- (d) the generators run at 3000 revolutions per minute
2. In a three phase electrical power supply the neutral conductor:- (c) carries any unbalanced out-of-phase current
3. ln a large building the principal use for D.C. power is for:- (d) emergency power for exit signs and stairway lighting
4. Electricity is transrnitted at very high voltage over large distances because this:- (b) minimises transmission power losses
1. The principal factor which determines the fire hazard in a building such as a nursing home is:- (b) the class of occupancy
2. Compared with an electrically driven pump, a diesel pump is intended to provide:- (c) a secondary supply in case of electric mains failure
3. A fire hydrant water storage tank must be large enough to provide:- (a) a 10 minute supply while the firefighters set up their equipment
4. Both hydrants and hose reels may be installed in a building. Which of the following statements is correct? (c) The hose reels are used only by the public during the initial stage of a fire
5. A Grade 1. water supply for a sprinkler system is defined as having:- (c) Two independent. sources of water supply
6. The spacing between fire sprinkler heads depends on;. (e) the fire hazard of the building
7. The national building code provides for several methods of smoke extract control. Which method is not acceptable? (b) through a non fire-isolated stair
8. The occupied areas of a building greater than 25m above street level represent a severe fire hazard because:- (c) the fire may need to be fought from inside the building
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