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60-85%of max heart rate Target heart rate
220-age Max heart rate
How quickly heart rate returns to resting heart rate Recovery heart rate
Normal blood pressure 120/80
Blood pressure is higher in the Arteries
Muscular body frame Mesomorph
Short and round body frame Endomorph
Tall and thin body frame Ectomorph
Ability of the joints to move through full range of motion Flexibility
Ratio of lean body mass to fay Body fat %
Amount of calories needed to maintain body weight Metabolism
Ability of the muscles to stay contracted over a period of time Muscular endurance
the ability of the body to perform daily tasks without getting out of breath, sore or overly tired physical fitness
running, biking, aerobics are examples of this component of fitness cardiovasuclar
recommended BMI 19-24
recommended body fat for boys 12-20%
recommended body fat for girls 16-255
muscle cells use oxygen to produce energy for movement aerobic
sprinting, weight training are examples of this anaerobic
connect muscles to bones tendons
connect bone to bone ligament
the building up of body tissues and energy stores anabolism
cells break down carbohydrates and fats to release energy catabolism
Created by: Gail Demarco