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Eng 4 Terms 1

Vocab Terms Set 1

Metamorphosis Dramatic change or transformation Syn: mutation Ant: stasis
Donnybrook A fight or uproar Syn: brawl; quarrel Ant: agreement
Nonchalant Unconcerned, indifferent Syn: detached; relaxed Ant: excited; concerned, alarmed
Vestige A trace or evidence of something that once existed Syn: remnant, hint
Interlocutor Someone who practicipates in conversation
Procrustean Strictly disregarding individual differences or circumstances Syn: ruthless, undiscriminating Ant:sympathetic
Stygian Dark and forbidding Syn: shadowy Ant: bright; illuminated
Sophistry Dilberately deceptive or misleading argument Syn: chicanery; ruse Ant: truth
Carte Blanche Boundless authority, unlimited power to act Syn: license, sanction, free reign Ant: restriction
Incantation Chant or magical spell Syn: invocation
Cosmopolitan Wordly, sophisticated Syn: cultured Ant: provincial
Rife Abundant, prevalent Syn: overflowing Ant: lacking
Nomenclature Technical names Syn: terminology
Brigand Robber or bandit Syn: highwayman
Comtemptuous Haughtly, scornful Syn: arrogant, derisive Ant: humble, pointe
Created by: MawjiH