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What fraction of the world's land area does Russia cover? 1/10
Another name for Russia during the period of Communist rule was the Soviet Union
The term glasnost means Openness
Instead of a vice president, Russia's executive branch has a Premier
The legislative branch of Russia's national government is called the Federation Assembly
The second-largest city in Russia is St. Petersburg
Which city is considered to have been the first Russian City Novgorod
The first ruler of Russia, who gained power in 1547, was Ivan the Terrible
Russia's key port on the Arctic is Murmansk
Which Russian city was known as Stalingrad during the Soviet era Volgograd
The second-most important river in Russia is the Don River
The vast grasslands of Russia in the Black Earth region are called the Steppes
The fiercely independent nomads of Russia who were feared for their elite cavalry are called the Cossacks
What name is given to the great coniferous forests of Siberia? Taiga
A major concern in Russia today is Organized crime
The break-away republic that has caused trouble for Russia since 1991 is Georgia
The Russian ruler responsible for reforms that eventually led to the fall of the Soviet Empire was Vladimir Ilich
Created by: LeKobe James