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chapter 6

chapter 6 notes

Algorithm A set of clearly defined, logical steps that solve a problem.
Application Software Also called productivity software; helps you perform a specific task such as word processing or performing calculations on spreadsheets.
beta testing A process that releases commercial software in development to a cross-section of typical users who evaluate the program and report any problems or "bugs" in the software before it is released to the publc
Bundle Ware Software included with the purchase of a new computer
Flowchart A diagram that shows different paths a program will take depending on what data is inputted
Inputting The process of using an input device to enter data
Network License A type of license that gives the organization the right to install a program on a server which can be accessed by a specific number of computers.
Operating System System software that provides an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware
Patch Software applied over software that you already have installed
Service pack A collection of updates, fixes, or enhancements to a software program delivered as a single file.
Single-User License A license that gives you the tight to instal software on a single computer
Software Intangible set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
Software as a Service A software delivery method where an application is licensed for use as a service. The software is provided to customers on demand through the internet, an intranet, through a network.
Software Development The multi-step process if designing, writing and testing computer programs
Software license A license that gives you permission to use a program
Software piracy The illegal copying or use of a computer programs
System Software A group of programs that coordinate and control the resources and operations of a computer system
Update A collection of files for updating released software that fixes bugs and provides enhancemnets
Upgrade Replacing software with a newer or better version to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics
Web Application An application without platforms constraints or installation requirements that is accessed through a web browser over a network such as an intranet or the Internet
Created by: emily mcabee