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Science Ecosystem

What is Humus Humus is the organic material in the soil.
Humus makes the soil _____ so that air can get to the roots as so _____ can soak deep into the soil. Humus _____ up water and holds it in the ____ for the plants to use. LOOSE, WATER, SOAKS, SOIL.
Name three ways that the long roots benefit the prairie plant 1. It regrows after fire because the roots don't burn. 2.They make it harder for the plant to die. 3.Easier to get water and air.
Name the five componants of an ecosystem Producer- make their own food, Consumer- herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, Decomposers- breaks down already dead things Scavengers- eat already dead things Abiotic Factors- non-living factors
Give and example of a Scavenger, Abiotic Factor, Consumer, Producer, Decomposer, Vultures, Sun, Wolfs, Trees, Mushrooms,
Illinois is know as the "________ State" Prairie
The only original prairie left is on the sides of _________ and __________ RAILROADS CEMETERIES
What time did the destruction of the prairie take place? 1800s
What is the only thing that can kill a prairie plant? When someone or something digs up its roots or disables one of the things it needs to live. Example, Sun, Space and water
Four reasons why a prairie fire helps the prairie. 1. Makes Humus from dead plants, 2. Gets rid of material on the ground, 3. Uses the ash as fertilizer, 4. Kills trees that harm the prarie.
Give one example a seed can be dispersed in each way Animal- Wind- Gravity/Mechanical- Water- Sticks to its fur, Blows off of trees, Rolls down a hill to a new location, Gets carried by the stream.
Describe the climate a prairie grass needs to survive. Warm Summer, Cold Winters
Commensilism? When one organism is benefited and the other isn't benifited but not harmed.
Parasitism? When one organism is benefited and the other is harmed.
Mutualism? When both organisms are benefited and neither are harmed.
Created by: Steven.Koif