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Latin Collins U 11

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

-clino, -clinare, -clinavi, -clinatus bend
inclino, inclinare, inclinavi, inclinatus bow, lean forward
reclino, reclinare, reclinavi, reclinatus lean back, recline
exsulto, exsultare, exsultavi, exsultatus rejoice, exult
glorifico, glorificare, glorificavi, glorificatus glorify
conglorifico, conglorificare, conglorifecavi, conglorificatus glorify (exceedingly)
grego, gregare, gregavi, gregatus gather, assemble
aggrego, aggregare, aggregavi, aggregatus add to, join with
congrego, congregare, congregavi, congregatus gather together, assemble
segrego, segregare, segregavi, segregatus separate
paro, parare, paravi, paratus provide, prepare
praeparo, praeparare, praeparavi, praeparatus prepare
resulto, resultare, resultavi, resultatus resound, rebound
sanctifico, sanctificare, sanctificavi, sanctificatus make holy, sanctify
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertus open, explain
Adam, Adae Adam
aula, aulae hall, church
columna, columnae pillar, column
creatura, creaturae creature, creation
flamma, flammae flame
hostia, hostiae sacrificial offering, host
innocentia, innocentiae innocence
Pascha, Paschae Passover, Pesach, Pasch, Easter
propheta, prophetae prophet
scriptura, scripturae writing, scripture
cibus, cibi food
Paulus, Pauli Paul
dolorosus, dolorosa, dolorosum sorrowful
laetus, laeta, laetum joyful
parvus, parva, parvum little, small
parvulus, parvula, parvulum little, small
tertius, tertia, tertium third
apud (+acc) in the presence of, among, at the house of
hinc from here
ob (+acc) because of
cibi- ciborium
congrego- congregation
aggrego- aggregate
segrego- segregate
inclino- incline
reclino- recline
exsulto- exultation
aperio- aperture
sanctifico- sanctification
columna- column
creatura- creation
flamma- flame
innocentia- innocence
Pascha- Paschal
propheta- prophet
scriptura- scriptural
gregaveram I had gathered
sanctificaveras you (s) had made holy
aperuerat he had opened
paraveramus we had provided
exsultaveratis you (pl) had rejoiced
inclinaverant they had bowed
sustulero I will have lifted up
finiveris you (s) will have ended
solverit he will have set free
extulerimus we will have extolled
videritis you (pl) will have seen
perhibuerint they will have produced
Created by: ritacate