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Chapter 9

Medical Terminology - Cardiovascular System

Which valve guards the opening between the right atrium and the right ventricle? Tricupsid
A surgical connection between blood vessels or the joining of one hollow or tubular organ to another is: Anastomosis
What is not a common pulse point? Popliteal
What kind of pressure is exerted by the blood on the walls of the vessels? Blood
Blood is transported from the right and left ventricles of the heart to all body parts by the: Arteries
A condition in which there is a lack of rhythm of the heart beat is: Arrhythmia
A slow heartbeat is called: Bradycardia
The medical term for hardening of the arteries is: Arteriosclerosis
A type of medication which increases the tone of the heart is called: Cardiotonic
A condition in which a blood clot obstructs a blood vessel is known as: Embolism
The surgical excision of the inner portion off an artery is: Endarterectomy
An incision of a vein with a needle to withdraw blood for analysis is known as: Phlebotomy
A fast heartbeat is known as: Tachycardia
This is used to analyze the size, shape, and movement of structures inside the heart: Echocardiography
What is called the pacemaker of the heart? Sinoatrial node
In the term telangiectasis, the suffix -ectasis means: Dilatation
The most common site for taking an adult pulse is what artery? Radial
Cramping pain in the legs during walking is called: Claudication
In the term angina pectoris, the root angin means: To Choke
In the term sphygmomanometer, the combining form man/o means: Thin
In the term electrocardiophonograph, the combining form phon/o means: Sound
In the term ischemia, the suffix -emia means: Blood condition
What instrument is used in the measuring of an arterial blood pressure? Sphygomomanometer
Noise, a sound of venous or arterial origin, heard on auscultation is called: Bruit
The heart is divided by a partition called the: Septum
Blood is transported from the right and left ventricles to all body parts by the: Arteries
The valve between the right atrium and the right ventricle is the: Tricupsid valve
Another name for the mitral valve is: Bicupsid valve
The passage of oxygen and nutrients to the body takes place in the: Capillaries
The sinoatrial node, the atrioventricular node, and the atrioventricular bundle are specialized what's of the heart? Neuromuscular tissue
The average heartbeat for an average adult is between: 60-100
What records the electrical activity of the heart? ECG
The most common site for taking a pulse: Radial
A sphygmomanometer is used to: Measure blood pressure
A pulse pressure over what number and under what number is considered abnormal? 50/30
The development of the fetal heart is usually completed during the first how many weeks of intrauterine life? 6
The proper spelling for the term describing hardening of the arteries is: Arteriosclerosis
Left-sided heart failure is commonly called: Congestive Heart Failure
The medical term anastomosis means: Surgical connection between blood vessels
An excessive amount of fatty substances in the blood is termed: Hyperlipidemia
An abnormality of the rhythm or rate of the heartbeat is termed: Arrhythmia
A heartbeat over how many beats per minute is termed tachycardia? 100
If the heart muscle is inflamed it is termed: Myocarditis
Hypertension is frequently called: Silent killer
Another term for a heart attack is: Myocardial infarction
The most common symptom of a heart attack is: Angina
A waxy, fatlike substance found in the bloodstream of all animals is called: Cholesterol
The buildup of fatty substances and hardening of the walls of an artery is called: Atherosclerosis
The term systole means what of the heart cycle? Contraction phase
In the term oximetry, the suffix -metry means: Measurement
The term diastole means what of the heart cycle? Relaxation phase
In the term extracorporeal, the combining form corpor/e means: Body
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