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Lingua Latina

fossa, -ae ditch, trench
hasta, -ae lance
patria, -ae native country/town
sagitta, -ae arrow
adiectivum (nomen) adjective
avunculus, -i (maternal) uncle
arma, -orum (n. pl.) arms
bellum, -i war
castra, -orum (n. pl.) camp
comparativus, -i (gradus) comparative
gladius, -i sword
pilum, -i spear, javelin
pugnus, -i fist
scutum, -i shield
vallum, -i rampart
cognomen, -inis (n.) surname
dux, ducis (m.) leader, chief, general
eques, equitis (m.) horseman
frater, fratris (m.) brother
finis, finis (m.) boundary, limit, end
hostis, hostis (m.) enemy
latus, lateris (n.) side, flank
miles, militis (m.) soldier
milia, milium (n.) thousand
nomen, nominis (n.) name
pars, partis (f.) part, direction
pedes, peditis (m.) footsoldier
praenomen, parenominis (n.) first name
soror, sororis (f.) sister
arcus, arcus bow
equitatus, equitatus cavalry
exercitus, exercitus army
impetus, impetus attack, charge
metus, metus fear
passus, passus pace
versus, versus line, verse
pugnat, pugnare fight
militat, militare serve as a soldier
expugnat, expugnare conquer
incolit, incolunt inhabit
dividit, dividunt divide
metuit, metuere fear
defendit, defendere defend
iacit, iacere throw, hurl
fugit, fugere run away, flee
fert, ferre carry, bring, bear
altus, -a, -um high, tall, deep
armatus, -a, -um armed
barbarus, -a, -um foreign, barbarian
vester, -tra, -trum your, yours
brevis, -e short
fortis, -e strong, brave
gravis, -e heavy, severe, grave
levis, -e light, slight
tristis, -e sad
contra (prp. + acc.) against
ac and, as, than
Created by: Tohno