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vocab chapter 17

appetizer a food or drink served before a meal to stimulate the appetite
chipper in lively spirits, cheerful
drone to make a low dull humming sound
eeled moving in long snakelike movements
frenzied a state of wild excitement
furor a general commotion, a state of intense excitement
fuselage the central body of an aircraft
incessant continuing, without interruption
instinctive an inborn behavior, naturally to do something
momentary for a moment or an instant
murky dark, dim, hard to see through
oblivious lacking awareness, unmindful
predators one that preys on another
rummaging to search thoroughly by turning over or rearranging the contents.
savagely vicious, fierce
stable steadfast, will not change in position
stymied an obstacle or obstruction, to be stumped
substantial considered an importance ,valve, amount
unwittingly not knowing, unaware
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