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Geography Alive!Asia

Geo-Alive Pgs. 216-221 (Dr. Buddy)

doubling time length of time it takes for a population to double
famine severe shortage of food that results in widespread hunger
rate of natural increase annual rate of population growth
zero population growth a condition in which the population of a country does not grow but remains stable
Great Leap Forward plan to help China become a selfsufficient, modern industrial country, but instead caused a famine
One-Child Policy limits the amount of babies you can have in China to one, is good for the population and healthy mothers and babies, but can reduce the number of children to help elders, but increases ending pregnancies
Three Gorges Dam intended to supply 1/9 of china's electricity with hydroelectric power, is nonpolluting but causes farmland and archeological sites to be submerged, also causing 1 million people to move to new homes
SEZs allow some businesses to not be owned by the governmentin some areas, more jobs are created and ther's a better standard of living, but income gaps become larger and there is increased crime.
Created by: laxingfamily