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Lingua Latina

regula, -ae ruler
tabula, -ae writing tablet
toga, -ae toga
tunica, -ae tunic
calceus, -i shoe
gallus, -i cock, rooster
participium, -i participle
stilus, -i stylus
vestimentum, -i garment, clothing
parentes, -um (m. pl.) parents
res, rei (f.) thing, matter, affair
cubat, cubare lie (in bed)
vigilat, vigilare be awake
excitat, excitare wake up, arouse
lavat, lavare wash, bathe
valet, valere be strong, be well
solet, solere be accustomed
friget, frigere be cold
surgit, surgere rise, get up
affert, afferre bring (to, forward)
mergit, mergere dip, plunge, sink
poscit, poscere demand, call for
induit, induere put on (clothes)
gerit, gerere carry, wear, carry on, do
vestit, vestire dress
inquit, inquiunt (he/she) says/said
apertus, -a, -um open
clausus, -a, -um closed, shut
sordidus, -a, -um dirty, mean, base
purus, -a, -um clean, pure
nudus, -a, -um naked
togatus, -a, -um wearing the toga
dexter, -tra, -trum right, f. the right (hand)
sinister, -tra, -trum left, f. the left (hand)
neuter, -tra, -trum neither
alter, -era, -erum one, the other, second
uter, -tra, -trum which (of the two)
uterque, utraque, utrumque each of the two
omnis, -e all, every
mihi I, me, myself
tibi you, yourself
mecum with me
tecum with you
secum with himself, herself
primum first
nihil/nil nothing
quomodo how
hodie today
adhuc so far, till now, still
deinde/dein afterward, then
praeter (prp. + acc.) past, besides, except
an or
vale, valete farewell, goodbye
Created by: Tohno