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CHIN 4 Lesson 5


xuǎn to choose
专业 zhūanyè major, specialization
选课 xuǎn kè to select/register for courses
mén (MW for academic courses)
东亚史 Dōngyàshǐ East Asian history
统计学 tǒngjìxué statistics
文学 wénxué literature
其他 qítā other
准备 zhǔnbèi to prepare
学到 xué dào to learn, acquire
受不了 shōu bu liǎo cannot take it
对...来说 duì...lái shuō as to..., so far as ... is concerned
反复 fǎnfù repeatedly
记住 jì zhù to remember, memorize
大半 dàbàn more than half, most
wèi for
后天 hòutiān the day after tomorrow
指导教授 zhǐdǎo jiàoshòu guiding professor, academic advisor
讨论 tǎolùn to discuss
liáo to chat
选好 xuǎn hǎo to finish choosing
想法 xiǎngfǎ idea, opinion
肯定 kěndìng definitely
至于 zhìyú as for, as to
毕业 bì yè to graduate
双学位 shuāng xuéwèi double major
物理 wùlǐ physics
电脑 diànnǎo computer
(academic) department
学分 xuéfēn academic credit
打算 dǎsuàn to intend, plan
研究所 yánjiūsuǒ graduate school
要么...要么... yàome... yàome... if it’s not A, it’s B; either ... or ...
工学院 gōngxuéyuàn school of engineering
管理学院 guǎnlǐ xuéyuàn school of management
文科 wénkē humanities
赚钱 zhuàn qián to make money
医学院 yīxuéyuàn school of medicine
愿意 yuànyi to be willing
dāng to work as, be
整天 zhěngtiān all day long
病人 bìngrén sick person, patient
打交道 dǎ jiāodào to deal with (people)
ài (exc.indicating resignation) oh well
哲学 zhéxué philosophy
西方 Xīfāng the West
孩子 háizi child
guǎn (col.) to control, manage; to mind, care about
申请 shēnqǐng to apply (to school, for a job, etc.)
这样 zhèyàng in this way
房租 fángzū rent (for a house, apartment, etc.)
饭钱 fànqian money for food
省下来 shěng xialai to save (money, time)
不过 búguò but, however
考虑 kǎolǜ to consider, think over
实习 shíxí to intern
经验 jīngyàn experience
履历 lǚlì résumé, CV
意见 yìjiàn opinion
咱们 zánmen we (including listener)
建议 jiànyì to suggest, suggestion
Created by: chibitrochan
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