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Geography CH.10-15


Basin Low area of land generally surronded by mountains
Contiguos States States that border other states
Gulf Stream ocean current that moves warm tropical water northward
Seaboard Area of land that is by the ocean
Plantations large farm that concentrates on one type of crop
Edge Cities Suburbs with large employment and commercial centers
Ghettos areas where minority groups are consentrated because of economic presssure and social discrimination
Trade Deficit Occurs when th evalue of a nations imports exceeds that of its exports
Textile product made from cloth
Granite rock formed in Earths Crust
Peninsula landform that is surroned by water on three sides
Moraine ridge of rocks, gravel, and sand tha are along glaciers
Second-Growth Forest Trees that are created after a forest has been taken down
Biotechnology application of biology to industrial processes
Truck Farms Things can easily be taken to cites from farms
Bituminous Coal soft coal
Anthracite Coal Hard Coal
Boroughs adminsrative units
Break-of-Bulk Center place where shipments of goods are moved from one mode of tranportation to another
Megalopolis area that steches far along the U.S Eastern Seaboard
Barrier Island long narrow sandy island seoerated from the mainland by a shallow lagoon or wetland
Levee ridge of earth along a riverbank that hindrers flooding
Tenant Farmer one who rents a plot of land to grow crops
Toponyms names of places that often reflect the history and culture of that area
Multicultural Region area where many cultures have migrated
Panhandle narrow area of land connected to a larger part of land
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