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geography canada

what is the system of customs and traditions and habits of a group. culture
what is the study of space and place, the study of the earth geography
what runs east to west and parallel to the equator on the world grid latitude
what runs from the north pole to the south pole prime median
the idea that all cultures are equally good and valid multiculturalism
one thing on the world grid latitude
2 symbols you may find on a map compass rose, capitals, cities
3 types of maps political, road, economic
2 branches of geography systematic and regional
name a continent Europe
name 2 continents Asia, and Africa
name 3 continents north America, south America, Antarctica
list 4 oceans pacific atlantic indian and artic
2 types of communities urban- many people and buildings in a small area rural- small amount of people and buildings in a large area
Capital of Quebec Quebec city
capital of Ontario and alberta ontario is Toronto and alberta is Edmonton
name the capitals of newfoundland, nova scotia, and new brunswick newfoundland is st. john's nova scotia is Halifax and new Brunswick is frediction
name the capitals of Manitoba, saskatachwan, british Columbia and Yukon Manitoba is Winnipeg saskatachwan is regina british Columbia is Victoria and Yukon is whitehorse
name the capitals of Prince Edward island, northwest territory, Nunavut, and the national capital PEI is charlotteton nw territory is Yellowknife Nunavut is iquluit and the national capital is ottowa
2nd largest land area in the world canada
1st French settlement in Canada nova scotia
made of 28 villages nunavut
known as the 2 prairie provinces Saskatchewan and alberta
inhabited by mostly eskimos and Indians Canadian territories
What border is the longest unfortified border in the world US and Canadian border
what is the system of customs and traditions and habits of a group and social structures that enable people to live and work together in harmony culture
what separates us from God, effects everyone, and effects culture sin
which nations was set up by God Israel
what is the study of space and place and the study of the earth geography
who were the 1st to study the earth greeks
what is the creation mandate The creation mandate gives us dominion over everything on this earth, and animals
What are the 5 themes of geography location movement interaction, place region
What are the earth layers crust, mantel, inner and outer core
what are the earth 5 climates varied highlands, dry, cold, tropical rainy, moderate
what is something you send to other countries export
what is something you take in from other countries import
what is the basic way of sharing tradition and institution Language
what is the main way to teach culture language
what is a government count of people census
what is the amount of babies born per 1000 people crude birthrate
what is the amount of people that have died per 1000 people crude death rate
3 institutions religion home empire
3 boundaries geometric political natural
takes up 1/3 Canada nw territories
3rd largest providence British Columbia
known for its grand banks fishing ground prince Edward island
Scottish heritage prince Edward island
2nd largest in French population new Brunswick
1st largest French population in canada Quebec
smallest Canadian province Prince Edward island
called new france Quebec
called heartland of Canada Ontario
province that hold Vancouver british Columbia
known for its highway Yukon
holds national capital Ontario
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