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Latin Collins Un. 10

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

solvo, solvere, solvi, solutus set free, break up, pay back
absolvo, absolvere, absolvi, absolutus set free (from), absolve, finish
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatus take away, lift up, take up
extollo, extollere, extuli, --- lift up, extol
finio, finire, finivi (finii), finitus end, finish
Galilaea, Galilaeae Galilee
annus, anni year
clerus, cleri clergy
debitum, debiti debt
desiderium, desiderii want, need, desire
detrimentum, detrimenti loss
imperium, imperii dominion, empire, precept, command
ministerium, ministerii ministry, service
spatium, spatii space
vinculum, vinculi bond, chain
excelsus, excelsa, excelsum high, lofty, exalted
perpetuus, perpetua, perpetuum everlasting, perpetual
secundus, secunda, secundum next, second
unigenitus, unigenita, unigenitum only begotten, only
alleluia alleluia
ante before
ecce look! here!
eleison have mercy!
hosanna hosanna
Kyrie O Lord!
perenniter constantly, perennially
postea afterward, later on
qui, quae, quod (inter adj) which, what
qui, quae, quod (rel pron) who, which, that
secundum according to
subito suddenly
sustuli I took away
solvisti you (s) set free
cantavit she sang
duximus we led
finivistis you (pl) ended
absolverunt they absolved
extuli I lifted up
ambulavisti you (s) walked
junxit he joined
perhibuimus we afforded
vidistis you (pl) saw
adjuverunt they helped
solvo- solution
absolvo- absolution
extollo- extol
finio- final
annus- annual
clerus- clerical
debitum- debit
detrimentum- detrimental
imperium- empire
ministerium- ministerial
spatium- spatial
perpetuus- perpetual
excelsus- excelsior
secundus- secondary
ante- antecedent
Created by: ritacate