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Vocab (

Advent the beginning or arrival of something
Aggressive an attitude or behavior that is threatening or confrontational
Ascend to climb or move upwards
Analyze to examine in detail the structure or composition of something to figure out how it works
Anatomy the physical make-up of something
Anabiosis a temporary state of suspended animation
Antebellum before the war
Antemeridian before midday (AM)
Antemortem occurring before death
Autobiography a piece of writing about one’s own life
Automobile a vehicle capable of moving itself
Autonomy self government or power over one’s own life; responsibility
Cataclysm a large-scale and violent or destructive event in the natural world
Catapult a counter-balanced device used to fling an object
Catastrophe a disaster or tragedy
Contradict to argue against
Contrary to be opposite in nature, feeling, opinion, etc.
Controversy a public disagreement, usually between parties or factions, often heated
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