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Force Test

what is force? -a push or a pull -all forces must have size and direction -measured by Newtons -more Newtons=greater the force
what is net-force? -an unbalanced force that will not equal zero -a balanced for that will equal zero
what is Newton? the unit for force
what are balanced forces? when the force is applied there is no movement
what are unbalanced forces? it produces a change in motion
what is friction? a force that apposes motion between two surfaces that are touching
what is inertia? the tendency of an object to resist changes in its state of motion
what is gravity? an attractive force between any two objects that depends on the masses of the objects and the distance between them
what is mass? the amount of matter in an object
what is weight? the gravitational force exerted on an object
MEMORIZE!!! NEWTON'S 3 LAWS (WITH MOM) put me in the incorrect box LOOK AT STUDY GUIDE!!!
it takes ________ force to accelerate a light object? less
it takes ________ force to accelerate a heavy object? more
as mass is ____________ acceleration decreases? increased
as mass is ____________ acceleration increases? decreased
what is the formula for Newton's second law? acceleration=force/mass
balanced forces acting on an object..... no movement
unbalanced forces acting on an object.... produce movement
what are the 4 types of friction? rolling, sliding,fluid,and static
what frictional forces would a truck experience as more weight is added to its bed? as more mass is added to the truck, the more force pushes it
what are some things you can do to increase frictional force? add salt or sand to an icy road
what are some things you can do to decrease frictional force? add lubricants
what is the Law of Universal Gravitation? states that the gravitational force increases as the mass of either object increases and as the objects move closer (relationship between mass and distance)
as you increase the mass of an object what does this do to its force of gravity? increase mass, increase gravity
as you increase the distance between objects, what does this do to the force of gravity? increase distance, decrease gravity
IMPORTANT review open note quiz review class notes bring calculator memorize formulas
FORMULAS force=mass x acceleration mass= force divided by acceleration acceleration= force divided by mass mass=weight divided by 9.8 m/s squared weight=mass x 9.8 m/s squared
Created by: SSSullivan