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True/False, Multiple Choice

Transfer of electrical energy occurs in conductive material when electrons can move freely from one outer valence shell of an atom to another. True
A good conductor will have an outer valence shell with few electrons and will not readily give up an electrical charge False
The typical AC induction motor with a squirrel cage rotor requires carbon brushes to operate False
The lower speed 1725RPM induction motor is used for higher torque requirements that are necessary in compressor applications True
Motors that require much torque to start typically do not require a separate start winding in series with a capacitor False
A remote electronic switch is used in a hermetically seal compressor/motor instead of a centrifugal switch True
A permanent split-capacitor motor requires a start capacitor that is de-energized once the motor get to rated speed. False
A shaded pole motor uses the principle of induction to make a secondary pole from the main pole. These motors are of fractional horsepower used in small fans and timer applications. True
A variable speed motor uses brushes to commutate an armature using DC or AC current. The advantage of these motors over AC induction motors is the energy saved in matching loads to capacity requirements True
Although initial costs are high for a brushless motor as compared to an induction motor the saving can be realized in reduced energy costs True
A three phase induction motor can run on a residential power line False
a three phase induction motor does not require a start winding. True
Three phase motors are smaller and more compact than the same horsepower rating in a single phase motor. True
Electrical energy that is produced from a chemical reaction is related to wet or dry cell & galvanic corrosion
Electrical energy that is produced from a junction of (2) dissimilar metals placed at a heat source is a Thermocouple
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