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Letters T, U and V

taceo, ere, tacui, tacitum be silent
talis (of) such (kind)
tamquam as if, like
tantus so big, small
tego, ere, texi, tectum cover
tergum, i, n. black
testamentum, i, n. will
tollo, ere, sustuli, sublatum raise remove destroy
torum, i, n. couch bed
tot so many
traicio, ere, traieci, traiectum pierce
tremo, ere, ui tremble
triclinium, i, n. dining room
tum then
tunc then at that time
turbo are avi atum upset
ubi where when
udus, a, um wet
ultimus, a, um furthest last
umerus, i, m. shoulder
umquam (unquam) ever
universi, universorum everyone
urbanus, a, um witty
uter which of two
uterque, utraque, utrumque each of two
utrum...an/annon whether or not.
valde extremely
vehemens, ntis violent strong
velum, i, n. sail
venator, oris, m. huntsman
verbum, i, n. word
vereor, eri, veritus sum fear be afraid of
vero but indeed
versipellis, is, m. werewolf
verus, a, um true
veto, are, vetui, vetitum forbid
vicinia, ae,f. neighborhood
vicinus, a, um neighboring
vilis, e cheap
virtus, utis, f. courage excellence
volito are avi atum fly
voluptas, tatis,f. pleasure
Created by: latinstudier