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Letters R and S

ratio, onis, f. reason
rationes, rationarum accounts
recreo recreare, recreavi recreatum restore make better
rectus, a, um straight
recuso are avi atum refuse
redimo, ere, redemi, redemptum buy back
reficio, ere, feci, fectum restore repair
reliquiae, arum, f. remains
reliquus, a, um remaining
repeto, ere, petivi/petii, petitum recover retreive
reor, reri, ratus sum To think
requiesco, ere, requievi rest
res humanae human life
resto, are, restiti remain be left
rixa, ae, f. quarrel
rixor i ari quarrel
rogus, i, m. pile pyre
rursus, adv. again
saltem at least
salto are avi atum to dance
salvus, a, um safe
sanguis, sanguinis, m. blood
satis (indecl.) enough
scilicet of course (you see)
scindo, ere, scidi, scissum cut carve
seco, are, secui, sectum cut
semel, adv. once
sermo, onis, m. conversation
sero late
severitas, tatis, f. severity
sic thus
sicut just as
sinus, i, m. fold lap
sive...sive whether... or
soleo, ere, solitus sum be accustomed
solum only
spargo, ere, sparsi, sparsum scatter
spatium, ii, n. space interval
statim at once
strepitus, us, m. din
stringo, ere, strinxi, strictum draw as in a sword
stultus, a, um foolish
suavis, e charming plesant
subito suddenly
subvenio, ire, veni, ventum (+ dat.) come to help
sumo, ere, sumpsi, sumptum take
superbus, a, um proud
supprimo, ere, pressi, pressum stop
sus, suis, m/f. pig
Created by: latinstudier