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Letters O and P

obeo, -ire, obii, obitum go to meet
diem obire to die
obicio, -ere, -ieci, -iectum throw in the way of
obliviscor, -i, oblitus sum (+ gen.) forget
obscurus, -a, -um dark
occasio, -ionis, f. oppertunity
omnino altogether
onero are avi atum weigh down
operio, -ire, operui, opertum cover hide
me oportet I ought
(ops), opis, f. help
opes, -um, f.pl. wealth
orior, -iri, ortus sum arise
os, oris, n. lips opening mouth
osculor i atus sum to kiss
osculum, -i a kiss
ostendo, -ere, ostendi, ostentum point out show
ostium, -ii, n. door
paenitet (impersonal) it displeases
me paenitet I am sorry
palam (prep. + abl.; adv.) openly in the sight of
palma, -ae, f. first prize
panis, panis, m. bread
par, paris equal
paries, -ietis, m. wall
pariter equally together
paropsis, -idis, f. small dish side dish
pars, partis, f. part direction
parum too little
paulisper for a little
pecus, pecoris, n. flock heard
percutio, -ere, -cussi, -cussum hit strike
perdo, -ere, perdidi, perditum lose waste destroy
pereo, -ire perish
perfundo, -ere, -fudi, -fusum pour over
paristasis, is f. circumstances of a case treated by a speaker
peritus, -a, -um skilled in (+
persequor, -i, -secutus sum follow pursue
persevero are avi atum persist perservere
perterreo, -ere, -ui, -itum to terrify
peto, -ere, -ivi/ -ii, -itum seek ask
pictor, -oris, m. painter
pictura, -ae, f. painting
pingo, -ere, pinxi, pictum paint depict
completely; clearly completely clearly
plausus, -us, m. applause
plenus, -a, -um (+ gen. or abl.) full (of)
ploro are avi atum lament
poculum, -i, n. cup
poena, -ae, f. punishment
porrigo, -ere, -rexi, -rectum stretch out
posco, -ere, poposci demand
possideo, -ere, possedi, possessum posess own
postis, -is, m. doorpost
postremo lastly
potentia, -ae, f. power
poto potare potavi atum to drink
praebeo, -ere, praebui, praebitum offer show
praeceptum, -i, n. instruction
praecido, -ere, -cidi, -cisum cut off
praecipue espically
praedium, -ii, n. estate
praemium, -ii, n. reward
praesidium, -ii, n. gaurd protection
praeter (prep. + acc.) except
pridie the day before
principium, -ii, n. beginning
procul far
procumbo, -ere, -cubui, -cubitum fall down
propero are avi atum hasten
propter (prep. + acc.) on account of
provoco are avi atum challange
pudet (impers.) it shames
purus, -a, -um clean pure
puteus, putei, m. well
Created by: latinstudier