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Letters M and N

maestus, -a, -um sad
magis more
maiestas, -tatis, f. grandeur majesty
maledico, -ere, -dixi, -dictum (+ dat.) curse abuse
mancipium, -ii, n. slave
medius, -a, -um middle
memini, meminisse (+ gen.) remember
mendax, mendacis untruthful
mentior, -iri, -itus sum tell a lie
mereo, -ere, -ui,i -tum deserve
merita, -orum, n. pl. desertsmerits
meridies, -ei, m. midday
metior, -iri, -itus sum measure
misistro are avi atum to serve
misceo, -ere, -ui, mixtum mix confuse
misereor, -eri (+ gen.) pity
mitis, -e kind gentle
modo now only lately
modus, -i, m. way sort
molestus, -a, -um annoying
mollis, -e soft
mora, -ae, f. delay
morbus, -i, m. disease
mores, morum, m. pl. character
mulier, mulieris, f. woman
munus, muneris, n. gift show
muto are avi atum change
nanciscor, -i, nactus sum obtain
nascor, nasci, natus sum to be born
nato are avi atum to swim
nato are avi atum to swim
ne...quidem not even
neco are avi atum to kill
neglego, -ere, neglexi, neglectum to neglect
nego are avi atum to refuse
nemo, nullius, nemini, neminem, nullo/nulla no one
nequam (indecl. adj.) worthless
neuter, -tra, -trum neither (of two)
niger, -gra, -grum black
nimis too much
nisi unless except
nondum not yet
nonne particle introducing question expecting "yes" answer
num particle introducing question expecting "no" answer
nummus, -i, m. coin
numquam never
nunc now
Created by: latinstudier