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Letters H, I and L

hereditas, -tatis, f. inheiritance
heres, heredis, m/f. heir heiress
heri yesterday
hic here
hinc et illinc on this side and that
hodie today
honestus, -a, -um honorable
honoro are avi atum to honor
hospes, hospitis, m/f. guest
huc atque illuc hither and thither
humanitas, -tatis, f. kindness
iaceo, -ere, -ui, -itum lie
iactura, -ae, f. loss
iamdudum some time ago, for some time
ibi to there at there
ideo for this reason
idoneus, -a, -um + dative suitable for
igitur therefore and so
ignosco, -ere, ignovi, ignotum (+ dat.) pardon
impedio, -ire, -ivi, -itum hinder prevent
impingo, -ere, -pegi, -pectum pin to
impleo, -ere, -plevi, -pletum to fill
improbus, -a, -um bad naughty
imprudentia, -ae, f. ignorance imprudence
inde thence, from there
induo, -ere, indui, indutum put on (as in clothes)
infra (prep. + acc.; adv.) below
ingenium, -ii, n. talents character
inimicus, -i, m. enemy
inspicio, -ere, -spexi, -spectum to look at examine
interea meanwhile
interdiu in the daytime
interficio, -ere, -feci, -fectum kill
interim meanwhile
intueor, -eri, intuitus sum gaze at
iocor iocori atus sum to joke
ita so in such a way
itaque an so
iterum again
iungo are avi atum join
iuro are avi atum I swear
lacero are avi atum tear to pieces
laedo, -ere, laesi, laesum hurt
lancea, -ae, f. spear
lanx, lancis, f. plate platter
latro are avi atum bark
lautitia, -ae, f. joy delight
lectus, -i, m. couch
levitas, -tatis, f. lightness sillyness
liber, libri, m. book
liberalitas, -tatis,f. generosisty
libertas, -tatis, f. freedom
licet, licere, licuit (impersonal + dative) it is permitted
longe far
luceo, -ere, luxi be light
lumen, luminis, n. light
lusus, -us, m. game
Created by: latinstudier